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Traditional Japanese & Neo-Traditional Tattooist

Ben Dawson is a tattooist who specialises in custom drawn Traditional Japanese and Neo-traditional tattoos. Although Ben enjoys to work in colour, he also loves working on black and grey, neorealism tattoos and hand drawn custom script tattoos.

Ben works 6 days a week at Extreme Needle, Covent Garden, London. If you have an idea for a tattoo, or want to have a chat, pop Ben a message.

Upcoming guest spots and tattoo conventions

Ben enjoys traveling for work and meeting new people. He has been lucky enough to work across many countries doing guest spots and tattoo conventions.

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Traditional Japanese tattoos

Ben's main speciality is in traditional Japanese tattooing. He enjoys both small and large pieces, and has spent many years studying traditional japanese prints and artwork for inspiration. Take a look at his portfolio

Japanese tattoo portfolio

Neo-traditional tattoos

Ben holds a strong passion for neo-traditional tattooing. His style varies from neo-realism to a more illustrative and abstract designs.

Neo-Traditional portfolio

Black and Grey Tattoos

Ben's black and grey realism developed along side his neo-realism designs. He love's doing black and grey portraits of famous people and animals. Take a look at his portfolio for a better idea of his style.

Black and Grey tattoo's