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Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artist

Ben is a London based Japanese Tattoo Artist who has had the honour of working alongside some of the best tattoo artist in the world, and has spent years developing and refining his skills. Alongside years of experience working as a tattoo artist, he has had the privilege of working in many locations around the world including Tokyo. His knowledge and passion for Japanese art can be seen from his expansive portfolio and paintings. 

Although his biggest passion is in the art of japanese tattoos, Ben also has a wide variety of styles covering his portfolio. He also enjoys neo-traditional, neo-realism, black and grey, and hand drawn script tattoos. Why not check out his portfolio to see his wide skillset?

Got an idea in mind for your next tattoo?

Ben currently works 4 days at Nine Tails Tattoo, Old Street, and 2 days at Low Tide, Southend-On-Sea. If you want to have a chat about your tattoo ideas, get in touch with Ben directly via email or using the contact form below.

Upcoming guest spots and tattoo conventions

Ben frequently travels for work and conventions. He has been lucky enough to work across many countries doing guest spots and tattoo conventions. See if he'll be visiting a location near you.

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Traditional Japanese tattoos

Ben's skills and passion is in the art of traditional Japanese tattoos. He enjoys both small and large pieces, and has spent many years refining the skill and knowledge of Japanese art. Take a look at his portfolio

Japanese tattoo portfolio

Neo-traditional tattoos

Ben holds a strong passion for neo-traditional tattooing. His style varies from neo-realism to a more illustrative and abstract designs.

Neo-Traditional portfolio

Black and Grey Tattoos

Ben's black and grey realism developed along side his neo-realism designs. He love's doing black and grey portraits of famous people and animals. Take a look at his portfolio for a better idea of his style.

Black and Grey tattoo's